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Governance Story

Responsible Management Led
by the Board of Directors
Since our inception, we have strived to build transparent corporate
governance based on responsible management led by the
Board of Directors. In 2021, our “Governance Story” was completed
and disclosed publicly to declare our determination to institute
governance that earns greater trust from all of our stakeholders.
“Governance Story” prescribes our vision and tasks aimed
at achieving world-class governance from an ESG-centered perspective.
In line with “Governance Story,” the Board of Directors actively
collaborates with executive management, including the CEO,
but maintains independent and transparent decision-making.
In particular, the Board of Directors is responsible for evaluating
the achievements of the CEO to determine his/her reappointment
and managing and selecting CEO candidates, as well as supervising
the performance of executive management through the independent
Audit Committee, with the aim of maximizing the company’s value and
shareholder return based on control and balance.
The Board of Directors also remains committed to realizing the happiness
of all of our stakeholders, communicating closely with them, and listening
to the voices of the market.

Industry-leading governance

Board of
(as of March 29, 2021)

  • Governance Committee
    • Handling governance issues (governance realignment, etc.)
  • Newlyestablished

    ESG Committee
    • Deliberating on mid-to-long-term growth and business policies from an ESG perspective
  • Reinforced

    Audit Committee
    • Overseeing financial reporting with reinforced independence and expertise
  • Newlyestablished

    Nomination and CompensationCommittee
    • Evaluating directors, recommending independent director candidates, and reviewing compensation for executive directors


  • ● Designating dedicated organizational units to support individual committees
  • ● Conducting regular evaluations and training of the Board members

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