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Advanced Materials

Key Areas of Investment



  • Semiconductor Materials

    Semiconductor Materials Market Growth(~25’) 10%

    • Si Wafer
    • Specialty gases (NF3, silicon
      gases, etching gases, etc.)
    • Bulk Gas (N2, CO2, etc.)
    • CIS Color material
    • EUV Photo material
    • Advanced Packaging material
  • Battery Materials

    Battery Materials Market Growth(~25’) 30%

    • Copper foil
    • Si anode material
    • Next-Gen. cathode ·
      Si anode material
    • Next-Gen. Li-Metal battery
    • Carbon nanotube materials
  • EV SCM

    EV SCM Market Growth(~25’) 35%

    • 150mm SiC Wafer
    • SiC power semiconductor
    • 20mm SiC Wafer
    • EV SiC power semiconductor
    • Compound semiconductor
      (i.e, GaN on SiC)

Investment Portfolio Status

9 cases of buy-outs, 4 cases of global joint venture establishment, and 5 cases of equity investment from 2015

Advanced Materials
  • Buy-outs
    SK Inc, Materials CIC
    • Buy-outs
      SK Specialty (Specialty gas)
    • Buy-outs
      SK Materials
      (Industrial gas)
    • Global JV
      SK Trichem (Precursor)
    • Global JV
      SK Showa Denko (Etching gas)
    • Buy-outs
      SK Materials
      (Photo materials)
    • Global JV
      SK Materials JNC (OLED Materials)
    • Global JV
      SK Materials
      Group 14
      (Si Anode Materials)
    • Equity investment
      LTCAM (Wet chem)
    • Equity investment
      Group14 (US) (Si Anode Materials)
  • Buy-outs
    SK Siltron (Si wafer)
    • Buy-outs
      SK Siltron CSS (SiC wafer)
    • Buy-outs
      Teraon (Korea) (Thermal management)
  • Buy-outs
    SK powertech (Power semiconductor)
  • Buy-outs
    SK Signet (EV charger)
  • Equity investment
    Solid Energy (Li Metal Cathode)
  • Equity investment
    Wason (Copper foil)


  • Energy Transition
    (Net Asset Value of USD 36.2 Billion by 2030)
    Electrification, Clean Fuels,
    Energy Solution
    Entering into SMR-based power generation through investment
    in TerraPower, an American Gen 4 nuclear reactor design
    and development engineering company
    Establishing a strong foothold in the turquoise hydrogen
    as well as clean solid carbon through the investment in
    Monolith, an American clean hydrogen company with
    plasma technology
    Securing the largest shareholder through investment in
    Plug Power, an American hydrogen fuel cell company
    Entering into low-carbon synthetic crude oil and aviation
    fuel sector through investment in Fulcrum BioEnergy,
    an American clean energy company pioneering municipal
    waste-to-fuel technology
    Securing key energy solution platform technology through
    the acquisition of Atom Power, an American company with
    the first and only UL listed solid-state digital circuit
    breaker for smart power distribution
    Targeting the fast-growing residential ESS market through
    investment in Lunar Energy, a US-based provider of
    residential solar related to ESS and energy management software
  • Industrial Transition
    (Net Asset Value of USD 18.2 Billion by 2030)
    Agriculture and Livestock,
    Manufacturing (steel, cement, etc.), and Waste
    Positioning as a global leader in cell-based seafood by
    investing in Wild Type
    Investing in Meatless Farm, a rising star in the
    plant-based meat market of UK·EU
    Pioneered the novel protein industry through the
    fermentation/refinement of microorganisms by investing
    in Nature Fynd
    Securing the world’s first precision fermentation
    protein through the investment in a leading firm
    named Perfect Day
    Investing in Joyvio, one of the China’s largest food distributors
    Creating a joint fund with Joyvio to facilitate investments
    in sustainable food in China
    Securing alternative raw material processing/ manufacturing
    technologies to solve the root cause of the cement industry
    Securing innovative steelmaking technologies such as
    coal-free iron ore reduction
  • Carbon Management
    (Net Asset Value of USD 12.4 Billion by 2030)
    CCUS, Nature-Based
    CDR(Carbon Dioxide Removal) Solutions
    Expanding the value chain by investing in CCUS technologies
    and infrastructure
    Offering an integrated “CCUS as a Service” solution based
    on the expanded value chain
    Utilizing in-house CCUS assets and promoting new CCUS
    bolt-on technology
    Securing nature carbon credit via investments
    Investing in bio-based carbon absorption technologies


CDMO Business

Continue expansion of small molecule CDMO business
and develop global operation of cell · gene therapy (CGT) CDMO business

  • Small Molecule

    • With investments in advanced manufacturing
      technology, increase new product offerings
      (i.e. ADC Oligonucleotide ) and services
    • Secure long-term agreement volume and expand
      global sites to meet regional customer demands
    • Reach out to small & mid sized pharmas developing
      new drugs
  • Plus
  • Cell · Gene Therapy

    • Global consolidated operations to reinforce growth
      in the CGT business
    • Create synergy between Yposkesi and CBM
      by consolidating everything from marketing
      to manufacturing
    • With the completion of large-scale manufacturing
      facilities, provide one-stop service for global pharmas

Pharmaceutical Business

Investing in pharmaceutical companies with growth potential and technology

Portfolio Specific Growth Plans

Reach milestones and cooperate with large pharmaceutical companies to accelerate growth

Portfolio Performance
  • Hummingbird Bioscience
    Hummingbird Bioscience

    2 Monoclonal antibody
    therapeutics in oncology
    undergoing phase 1 clinical trials

  • GI Innovation
    GI Innovation

    Approval of bispecific
    fusion protein platform
    based immune-oncology
    for phase 1/2 clinical trials
    from US FDA
    *Going public in ’23 (KOSDAQ)

  • GenEdit

    Successful partnership in
    global pharma to develop
    gene therapy


With the goal of securing a new anchor asset in the digital sector,
Reinforce legacy business & develop new areas

  • Industries in Boom

    EV Charging
    • EV Charging market size to reach over
      KRW 5tn by 2030
    • Numerous companies under the SK umbrella
      actively pursuing the market
    • Autonomous driving technology development
      and market growth accelerating
    • Armed with experience in domestic and
      APAC markets
  • Transformation Leaders

    • Dawn of generative AI
    • AI transition across industries ongoing & accelerating
    • Most companies are in the early stages of market entry
    • Infra technology required for Web3 ecosystem in development

New Industries

  • Emerging Robotics
    • Advanced functioning robots backed
      by AI · machine learning
    • Industries accumulating
      data on adopted robots
  • New Space
    • Private sector led New Space era
      on the rise
    • New business models for services
      in space under development
  • Quantum Computing
    • Enable currently unachievable
    • Potential for high growth
      as technology develops

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