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SK Inc. Showcases Technologies That Will Lead to a Carbon Neutral Future at CES 2023

- SK Inc. introduces its net zero value chain, including eco-friendly, energy-saving technologies that target carbon reduction

- SK Signet, Atom Power, Halio, Perfect Day Inc., and other companies in SK Inc.’s investment portfolio demonstrate key solutions to achieving net zero emissions  

- To help realize a net zero future, SK will also operate a ‘Sustainable Food Truck’ at CES 2023 that will provide animal-free whey protein food

SK Inc., the strategic investment holding company of South Korea’s SK Group, will showcase advanced technologies and solutions that will help drive a carbon neutral future at the CES 2023, which will be held in January 2023 in Las Vegas. 

Under the banner “Action: Forging a Path to a Net Zero Future,” visitors will experience how the game-changing net-zero solutions and technologies, held by six companies in SK Inc.’s global investment portfolio, are applied in daily life and how their innovation reduces carbon footprint throughout the production and consumption cycle. The six companies will display their solutions at SK Group’s CES Integrated Exhibition Booth. 

TerraPower, a leading US-based nuclear innovation company, will introduce its advanced sodium-cooled fast reactor (SFR), which adopts a natural circulation-type safety system with an output of 345 megawatts (MW). The SFR, which has an energy storage system, is ideal for offsetting the intermittency of renewable energy. The Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) designed by TerraPower are a net-zero energy source that could replace fossil fuel power plants.

Other companies in SK Inc.’s investment portfolio that will present their solutions to drastically reduce carbon emission in the energy consumption stage include SK Signet, Atom Power, Halio Inc. and Teraon. 

At SK Group’s CES 2023 Integrated Exhibition Booth, visitors will be able to experience SK Signet’s ultra-fast electric vehicle charger; Atom Power’s electric vehicle charger and solid-state circuit breaker (SSCB); Halio Inc.’s Smart Glass; and Teraon’s nano-carbon heating material. 

SK Signet will demonstrate its 350 kW ultra-fast electric vehicle charger that is about seven times faster than the currently commercialized 50 kW rapid chargers. SK Signet’s chargers feature Plug & Charge, the latest solution that delivers a seamless and secure way for drivers to charge their electric vehicles. Without additional steps, user authentication, charging, and automatic payment are performed just by connecting the electric vehicles to the charge points. By greatly improving user convenience and efficiency in charging electric vehicles, the technology is expected accelerate wider adoption of electric vehicles.  

US-based Atom Power will introduce its advanced solid state circuit breaker (SSCB) at the CES 2023. Unlike general circuit breakers with mechanical switches, Atom Power’s SSCB predicts power consumption patterns by collecting various big data through proprietary current sensors and software. SSCB is considered a key technology in maximizing efficiency in the energy sector as it can manage power production. 

Halio Inc. will present the world’s most dynamic Smart Glass. Halio’s Smart Glass is able to adjust the color of window and transparency by combining the most advanced electrochromic technologies with powerful cloud-based system. Through manual or automatic control, Smart Glass can be tinted to block light and heat. Compared to generic glass, Smart Glass can reduce annual energy consumption used for heating and cooling by 20%.

Teraon Co., a start-up specializing in nano-carbon materials, will display its nano-carbon heating film, an innovative heating film with improved efficiency that can used continuously at high temperatures of 250°C or higher. Due to high flexibility, design constraints are lifted, allowing application to a wide range of products and services including electric vehicles, architecture and home appliances. When applied for indoor heating of electric vehicles, the radiant heating method enables reduced heating power, increased mileage, and creation of warmth without dryness. 

In addition, SK Inc., which has been investing in innovative, technology-based sustainable food sector, will operate a “sustainable food truck” in the Central Plaza outside the Exhibition Hall at CES 2023. The food truck will provide a range of eco-friendly menu that incorporates animal-free whey protein by Perfect Day. Menu will include SK-Bingsu, or Korean shaved ice dessert, sandwiches with alternative protein, and animal-free dairy ice cream.  

“We are thrilled to showcase how we are capturing future value through our investments focused on tackling the climate crisis at 2023 CES,” said Hyung-Jun Kim, Vice President of Brand Management at SK Inc. “Equipped with advanced proprietary technologies, companies in SK’s investment portfolio are key drivers in the fight against climate change by providing solutions to reduce global carbon footprint.” 


About SK Inc.

Established in 2007, SK Inc. is the investment holding company of SK Group, South Korea’s second largest conglomerate by asset size. Headquartered in Seoul, SK Inc. ranks 117th on the Fortune Global 500 list. The company’s investment principles and strategies target environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities alongside financial returns to drive sustainable growth for its stakeholders and society. The strategic investment areas of SK Inc. include advanced materials, biopharmaceutical, green energy, and digital technologies. It invests in and nurtures the Group’s future growth engines.

SK Group seeks to drive innovation and create financial as well as social value for the communities and industries in which it operates. SK Group has over 180 operating companies with a combined USD 139 billion in annual revenue as of 2021. For more information on SK Inc., visit www.sk-inc.com/en/. 

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