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We establish long-term investment
strategies centering on core sectors from
an ESG-oriented perspective.

Advanced Materials
Technologies and materials that
push the boundaries of the
industries we engage in
Solutions that
contribute to addressing
climate change and
environmental pollution
(Life Sciences &
Platforms for life sciences
and biopharmaceuticals
that improve the wellness
of humanity
AI-based and digital
technologies that elevate
society to new heights

We continue to advance our investment portfolio
to maximize corporate value and accelerate the
sustainable growth of our company.

Advanced Materials
Semiconductor - SK hynix
Battery - SK on
Materials - SK materials
EV charging - SK signet
Battery materials - SK siltron, SK nexilis, Wason, Solid Energy
Power semiconductor - YESPOWERTECHNIX
Green technology
Hydrogen - SK E&S
Environmental solutions - SK Ecoplant
Alternative energy - Plug Power, Monolith, Terra Power, Atom Power
Environmental solutions - Fulcrum Bioenergy, Sunrun JV
Alternative foods - Joybio, Perfect Day, Meatless Farm, Nature’s Fynd, WildType
Carbon Mgmt.
Bio technology
Pharmaceuticals - SK biopharmaceuticals
CMO - SK pharmteco
Antibody drugs - Hummingbird Bioscience, GI Innovation, Standigm
Biotechnology - ProteoVant Sciences Roivant Science
CMO - Yposkesi
Digital technology
Personal AI Service Platform - SK telecom
AI solutions - DataRobot, Geminus
Blockchain - Palm
EV/Mobility - Socar, Turo, Swift Navigation, SOFT BERRY
Data Center - Chindata

We succeeded in building a virtuous cycle: financial
resources obtained by improving asset efficiency are
invested in promising companies.

Profitability-focused Asset Transformation

  • Low-efficiency
    tangible assets
  • Securitization
    SK REITs, etc.
  • Portfolio
    higher value

SK Inc. Portfolio Management Policy

  • Sustainability
    Sustainable happiness UP
  • Investment
    IRR 15% UP
  • Alignment
    Core Sector Material innovation, Green, Bio, Digital

We transparently share the outcomes of value
creation from our investments with all of
our stakeholders and strive to improve shareholder value by
actively returning investment profits to our shareholders.

  • Dividends
  • Realization of profits and
    return to shareholders

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